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“Scrap Space Tidy Up!”

As I have been having a de-stash of my stamps the last week, and we have been in such a mess the last week or so, I decided to clean up my scrap space. I am still in the lounge at the moment and things are going slowly getting my room done :(I think I am over the mess and lost the mojo 😦

I seemed to be in the way of the tv etc, so I moved down near the front door and created a nice space to watch tv up the other end with both couches around so plenty of seating 🙂

IMG_1885This is looking down from the kitchen, and the tv is on the window side near the end of my desk there 🙂 The window goes all the way down, so nice and bright! I can sit there and gaze out the window 🙂 lol!

IMG_1886This is the left side, where my big book-case has always been. I just moved my paper racks and now it is pretty functional till I can get into my room. 🙂 Nothing like a bit of a change 🙂 It will be great to get my scrap space out of the lounge but making do ok 🙂

TFL 🙂 Kerri x


“Back To School!”

It has been a week since the builders have gone and we finished the painting on Wednesday in between Cody going back to work and me starting my course. I am loving it but a lot of reading and ‘homework’ 🙂 I knew it wold be time consuming, and I so want to scrap 🙂

IMG_1866The boys took this one of me for the ‘history’ books. lol!  I was very excited and a little nervous. Of course settled in really well and getting on with everyone. We have a great trainer and am look forward to all aspects of the course and my work placement later on 🙂

TFL 🙂 Kerri x

“A Big Mess”

Hi everyone,

Sorry been missing for a while, have been flat-out!  Lats week started with my information day on Monday for my Age Care Cert III course then,  first day on the 18/3 and now it’s nearly Easter 🙂

I have had my stash sale going full-bore on FB, and builders were here bright and early last Friday morning to replace the ceilings in two of my bedrooms due to water damage 🙂

I have been waiting for a while to get them replaced so the mess we have been living in the last few days hasn’t bothered me too much 🙂 I took a few photos too as it has been like a mini ‘The Block” episode lol!

001This is my bedroom with the horrible mouldy ceiling gone. They put in insulation too which will make a big difference! Parts of the walls were also replaced 🙂 The builders were only going to undercoat the ceilings, then they would have to come back and finish the painting! I decided to do it myself with the boys help and  get it all finished. It has been a bigger job than I thought, but so worth the inconvenience of sleeping in the lounge for a few nights 🙂


Here you can see the sponged effect that the boys have been living with! The loved it when we first moved in 1o 1/2 yrs ago, but now so over it!

I decided on a nice ‘neutral’ colour called Hog Bristle and it certainly has freshened it all up 🙂  I can change the decor and will go nicely with the colour 🙂

IMG_1857                                               This is the boy’s room finished! 🙂

IMG_1870                                                              My room finished!

IMG_1844                                                     Our “site supervisor” 🙂

It was a big job but so glad we painted it and got it done! Still getting things back in order but so nice the boys are sleeping in their room 🙂

TFL 🙂 Kerri x

“Stamp and De-Stash Sale!”

I have finally decided it is time for me to let go of some of my ‘retired’ stamps and bits from my stash!

As I am slowly getting the spare room ready to move into out of the lounge it was the prefect time 🙂

All my ‘sale items’ are here on my FB page if you would like a look! 🙂 I have some large background stamps, retired SU stamp sets, some Cuttle Bug dies and some SU wheels 🙂

Happy shopping 🙂

TFL 🙂 Kerri x


“A Change For Me!”

Not sure if change is good or bad? You have to go with the flow sometimes and that is what is happening with me at the moment 🙂

I am feeling a bit stretched and needing to “SIMPLIFY” things to make it easier for me at this point in time!

My finances are having a change to and I need to watch the pennies a bit more while I am doing this course and it starts in two weeks with my info day on Tuesday!! My energy will be going into it so I can get back into the workforce and then nurse 🙂 I have even had a new hair cut, so something is in the air lol! 🙂

Mum and dad’s house is now gone and I think that is effecting me more than I realized.

I have things happening here at home too, with builders coming this week and other things that need my attention and I know I cant do everything! I have even cut back on what I get involved with in forums, as I need to just scrap for me atm 🙂 That has been hard as I love getting involved with swaps and things 🙂

So…..with a heavy heart I have decided to drop off as a SU Demo for now, as I have no mojo at the moment , and no inkling to workshops or anything 😦 I am sure you will all understand and my 4 girls are looking after themselves now so they don’t really need me to lean on as much 🙂 I have so enjoyed all the friendships I have made and I know they will continue, I still love their products and have lots of girls I can buy from 🙂

If any one wants anything before I finish, I am leaving my order open until Wednesday night!  You can email me or ring me!

Thank you girls for your on going support of my business 🙂   I am still going to be scraping of course and I will prob have a bit of a de-stash of stamps soon 🙂 Need to have a little clean out to move into my new room 🙂 I will be blogging and on FB so I am not completely disappearing lol!

TFLV:)  Kerri x

“Weekend Away!”

Yep, finally a weekend away!!

Cody entered the first Australian Spartan Race which was held on the 2/3/2013 in Wonthaggi, Victoria. It is like a big challenging obstacle course. We decided to make it a weekend away as I hadn’t been down there before and we found accommodation at Phillip Island which is only about 15 mins away 🙂

We had a great weekend and it was ‘jam packed’, think we needed a few more days lol! 🙂 Might go back in October to the next one, but will see what happens 🙂

Cody finished the race and I watched from the spectators area!! It was very windy but not cold! He had a great time and I am proud of his achievement when he gets a bit of asthma also. He paced himself and it was great to see his determination and fight! 🙂

001                                     The event was well run and very organised!

007I used my Nikon the boys bought me last year and it was great to find Cody in the crowd at the Start! 🙂

If they didn’t get the obstacle done in the first attempt they had to do 30 Burpees 😦 Cody only missed two from the whole course!

022-001This is one of my faves of the day! He is having fun and is in there giving it his all 🙂 If they missed an obstacle on the first attempt they had to do 30 burpees! He only missed two for the whole race. At the end, when they were totally stuffed they had to get past some ‘gladiators’. Cody used his head and waited for some guys to go then he ducked and weaved his way through 🙂

024-001At the finish, covered in mud and so in his element! 🙂 Got the medal and the t-shirt to prove he did it 🙂 He was a bit battered and bruised for a few days, but he is happy he entered!

We also had a look around the island so a few more photos if you would like a peek! 🙂

037On Friday night we went to see the Penguin Parade, where the Little Penguins, who only live here in Aus. They come up onto the beach every night and into their nests! We weren’t allowed to take photos 😦 but as hard as it was I didn’t 🙂 It was so cool to see them and they are not frightened and we got really close to them coming up on the boardwalk 🙂 This photo is called the ‘Nobbies’ where the seals and penguins enjoy the sun! There was a few seals out on the far rocks but couldn’t get close enough to take a photo!


As you can see it was very windy all weekend, but that didn’t deter us to go down and have a look 🙂 We had a great look around and then headed back for some dinner and a look in a few local shops and the Chocolate Factory! We were having a great time and didn’t want to go home, as you do 🙂

On the way home we decided to stop in a t the Koala and wildlife park, as we had time. Who can resist our furry friends! Not me lol!

041-001                  This is George, we were lucky enough to see him awake and active 🙂 We got the inside info on them from the Ranger!                                              Cody got some great pics in the park!

051-001It was fun feeding the Kangaroos and Wallabies! These little guys loved the attention 🙂

105-001                                       They are so gentle and they get very well fed 🙂

120-001                                           Too early for the Tassie Devils 🙂

112-001We were also lucky enough to see an Albino Kangaroo and Wallaby. Not many of these the Ranger told us! It was great to see some of Victoria we hadn’t visited before, but it was also nice to come home to our own beds!

If you get a chance to go down that way, make sure you do as it is so lovely and really puts you into ‘holiday mode’ 🙂

TFL 🙂 Kerri x

“My Anniversary Blog Candy!”

Wow, time does fly!

I have been blogging here for 3 years!!!

To celebrate and thank you for always leaving lovely comments for me, I am having a little Blog Candy Draw!!

This is how you can enter: 🙂

1.  Leave me a little love here, and become a follower if your aren’t already, and in you will go!!

2.For an extra draw, share on your blog and link back to me,

3. Share on  Face Book ! 🙂

Ends Midnight 31st March 🙂   Then I will randomly draw a winner 🙂

You will be in the running for this prize from my ever-growing  Stash!!


1 x Topsy -Turvy Celebration SU clear mount Stamp Set

1x White Stitched Grosgrain Stitched 1/4″ SU Ribbon

1x SU Hemp Twine

6x Paper Doilies

3 x Washi Tape

4 x Kaisercraft Brads

8x SU Stampin Write Markers

and some flowers:)

I hope you spread the love and get in the draw a few times!!

TFL 🙂 Kerri x