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“First Day!”

Today is Jayden’s first Day of Homeschooling!  He has done 4 exercises from his HUSH workbook!  J said at school they would do one exercise a lesson!

He has sat without interruption and enjoyed his first day! Wait till we get to Maths! lol! A great start and he is very happy and wanting to learn which is fantastic!


“Busy Week!”

I usually get to post a note or two here during the week! This week has just been one of those ‘cant seem to get anything done’ weeks!  With a doc appointment for mum and jobs to do up the street like find an ironing board, home school meeting yesterday and a friend dropping in for 2hrs today the week is just gone! lol!

I had planned on giving my sewing machine a work out and doing a couple of scrap pages but no such luck!  My loungeroom looks like a ‘chinese laundry’ with 4 loads of fabric sitting on my scrap desk waiting to b ironed! Any volunteers! Dont know what came over me! Well it will b worth it when its all crisp and lovely again and I can start creating with it!

I think I know what I will b doing tmorrow!  Sunday I am taking mum to Ballarat for the day to my sisters to get her out of the house.  My BIL had a mild stroke and  a bit of family support is always a help!  She needs a bit of moral support!  He is ok but there needs to b a few changes for them!

So that is my week’ gone! Oh well there is always net week! TFL 🙂 Kerri 

“A New Blog!”

I just wanted to let any of you sewing/scrapbook addicts out there I have a new blog for my sewing stuff! It is under construction at the moment but I am working on that!

I will share on this blog all my sewing projects past and present! I have some quilts and things you havent seen and one I am going to finish! In the longer term I have a’ little dream’ of making bags and other items to sell on my blog! As I am home I am going to make the most of it!

I know I am weird; like I don’t have enough scraping I can do and enough to do looking after mum and now Homeschooling JJ!

I think sometimes you get in a bit of a rut and you need to have other interests!! Well, that’ s me at the moment and I need another distraction!!!!

No, I am not going to stop scraping and yes I am going to keep updating my blog here!

Most of you know I could never stop scraping and making quilts is still prserving family history and making family heirlooms! It’s in my blood! lol!

I hope u pop over there sometimes and tell me I am doing it right!  lol!  TFL 🙂 Kerri x

“Twinchie Canvas!”

I forgot I had this good size canvas in my stash to use for my Twinchies! It gave me a little bit of room to play with! lol!

I wanted a bit of a background so I decided to ‘napkin technique” it!  I wanted the Twinchies to stand out a little on the canvas and use a quote relevant to the swap!  I have made some lovely friends online that live in all parts of Australia and the world and when I look at this it reminds me of our wonderful friendship! 

“Inspiration Challenge!”

This was a fun one to create using Angie”s “inspiration challenge!  She gave us a picture with blue and yellow with diff pics in it and we had to use it to make our lo! I thought the colours were perfect for my fave roses!  I used some older papers from my stash, doilies, Twiddleybitz and I made the rolled roses!  They are so much fun to make! The photos are of my Sultry, Graham Thomas and Our Copper Queen roses! I am very partial to yellows!

“Technique Challenge!”

Angie gave us a technique challenge in the way of a step by step!  I made my background collage using music sheet, book page, napkin, old sewing pattern and fabric! I use stamping, pain, rub ons and glimmermist!

I used this photo of my gran’s house in Warrnambool that I visited last yr with mum!  It has changed a lot with renovations but from the front it basically is the same!

I also used some of my Twiddleybitz tha Sandra sent me and they added a nice touch to my layout!

“Home & Scrapped Cyber Crop Weekend!

Come over and join the fun with us here this weekend!

The lovely Angie Budden and I are co-hosting this month so should be lots of fun!

Angie has a fun Technique Challenge up all ready so hop on over! Angie will also be  posting another challenge this morning.  Here are my two challenges that are over there also!

Heather is organising a Bingo game tonight which will be fun and you can pop in and say hi in the chat room all weekend! You will find someone to chat to, we are all great talkers! lol!

MY FIRST CHALLENGE – The first layout pictured above is my “Birthday Challenge!”  As you know it was my birthday yesterday so I thought that was a good idea for a challenge!

The girls have to incorporate the following criteriaa into their layouts!

1.  Use some green on the page for the Emerald Birthstone! – I used the ribbon from mum’s cake!

2.  Scrap a special occasion! I scraped about our Mother’s Day this yr!

3.  As its great to get a pressie or two, use some pp as your base, a tag and some ribbon! – I used a couple of layers of vintage pp, a tag from the lovely Lisa Kamphius and lace!

3.  Instead of a title use a quote!

Not too hard and should keep them out of mischief! lol

MY SECOND CHALLENGE – I love looking at the lovely scrap spaces everyone has!Whether u have a whole room to yourself or a corner in the lounge like me! They are our “very own spaces” to create!

I would like you to scrap your space or the fav things you can’t scrap without!

My example is pretty simple and shows the things I can’t scrap without at the moment in 20011!

1.  Books and idea magazines!

2. My distress ink as you know I love distressing!

3. My hat boxes with my ribbons, lace and doilies!

4. My typewriter

5. My colour jars with my embellishments

6. My addiction of Glimmermist!

I hope they will have fun with this and share their spaces/products with us!

I am also giving a RAK for each of my challenges which will be randomly drawn!!

So what are you waiting for! Get over there and join in!!! TFL 🙂