“A New Blog!”

I just wanted to let any of you sewing/scrapbook addicts out there I have a new blog for my sewing stuff! It is under construction at the moment but I am working on that!

I will share on this blog http://justasewingmum.wordpress.com/ all my sewing projects past and present! I have some quilts and things you havent seen and one I am going to finish! In the longer term I have a’ little dream’ of making bags and other items to sell on my blog! As I am home I am going to make the most of it!

I know I am weird; like I don’t have enough scraping I can do and enough to do looking after mum and now Homeschooling JJ!

I think sometimes you get in a bit of a rut and you need to have other interests!! Well, that’ s me at the moment and I need another distraction!!!!

No, I am not going to stop scraping and yes I am going to keep updating my blog here!

Most of you know I could never stop scraping and making quilts is still prserving family history and making family heirlooms! It’s in my blood! lol!

I hope u pop over there sometimes and tell me I am doing it right!  lol!  TFL 🙂 Kerri x


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