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“I Love Spring!”

Yep, it is my favourite season. Not too hot and still gives me a bit of an excuse to hibernate some days lol!

I have managed to snap a couple of Spring pics and they make me feel happy and wanting to get out and enjoy the sunshine!!

This photo I took in my friends gorgeous Australian Native front garden! Lots of parrots and other birds come to feed morning and night!

On my way home from Rokewood on Tuesday I couldn’t resist taking a photo of all the gorgeous yellow Canola in the paddocks! On a dull rainy day it made me feel happy! 🙂

TFL 🙂 Kerri x



Hi All

This last week has not gone to plan at all!  I have had trouble with the roof continually leaking and finally it is going to be properly restored. It has caused water damage in the boy’s room and mine so both ceilings have to be re-placed and the rooms painted! I am so happy it is getting fixed!!! It has been a bug bear and an eye sore!! So this week I am going to be cleaning up and packing the boy’s room up ready for the workmen!

I have had both boys sick this week with Cody of work and now Jayden is crook with the flu! He hasn’t been sick since his bad lot of Glandular Fever in 2010!!

I have had doc appointments for mum and dad this week, and also in the process of signing another lady up to my team with Stampin’ Up!. I just feel like I have accomplished nothing this week!!!!!

I got the roast on for dinner tonite and said ‘stuff it’ to the housework I was going to do and I sat and created this layout for the Cyber Crop over at Home and Scrapped this weekend!

I love this photo I took of the boys a couple of years ago of them in the back yard mucking around! They had such a good time and I think J won the war! lol!

I used a Prima Mistables Background and just added some stitching, pp and the Mistables title too!
This came together pretty quick and I am very happy with it!!

TFL 🙂 Kerri x