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“Homemade From Scratch!”

Making sausage rolls with my mum’s recipe always makes me remember helping her when I was a kid!  Mum used to make everything from scratch, even pastry! No packet mixes, or frozen or tinned foods then! I dont make my own pastry but the rest is all ‘from scratch’! 

I felt like making something diff for a change and I am glad I did as these Sausage Rolls are always  a hit in our place!  They are a bit messy but that’s the fun, and there is nothing like the tast!  I think I usually end up with flour or pastry or something in my hair!

I even manage to get a few helpers along the way which is a bonus, only because they can’t wait for them to be cooked! lol!

Teaching my boys how to cook, be self sufficient and look after themselves is a big priority for me!


“Sun Trap!”

This layout of Sam I felt like scrapping today!  He was enjoying the morning sun on the porch when I went to take J to school and He looked lovely sitting in the frame of the arch by the steps!

I used some bright Summery colours and framed the photo with some white paint! I cut up a small doily for the sun and the flower and stamped a title! I just wrote over the dried paint!

“Here Yesterday, Gone Today”

These are the before and after shots of our front garden!  Paul from “Turtlescapes” did a wonderful job clearing the front garden and making it very presentable!  There was horrible weeds in there that I have had a contiuing 8yr battle with and I was over it!  My roses and the few shrubs in there were really struggling and I was just sick of the work and mess and not getting anywhere!  The roses looked beautiful but the weeds didn’t!!!

I will now sow some lawn seed and it will rejuvenate and make my life so much easier!  I still have my lovely roses down the drive and on the other fence to keep me busy and I spend 3 hours cutting them back and weeding today! It looks so much better and so is my sanity! lol!

“Weightloss Update!”

Hi girls

Hope you are all doing well!  This week isn’t as good for me as it has been very hectic with workmen here during the week and time all out of wack! Plus J has been home from school with a soft tissue tear in his knee and been a bit out of action!

Havent done as much walking which has really’ irked’ me but I will get back on track!!!   Still watching what I am eating but I feel my walking is a big part of my weight loss!  Still the same as last week which I thought I might be but will get there!

I am eating lots of fresh fruit and veg, lean meat, chicken and fish and the boys even made me a yummy easy quiche!!  Enjoying my food and having more whole grains!  For my snacks if I need a little something usually when J gets home from school, I have some fruit or I really like the Forme’ yogurt! I like Cruskits too with some tomato or cheese!

I know it is going to be a ‘lifestyle change” for me and I am enjoying it so far! I am hoping to do it slow and steady and have more success keeping it off this time around!   I feel my exercise is of great benefit as I find I am sleeping better and have no pain in my knees and hip at night!  This is from heavy manual work I have done all my working life! 

  As my mum suffers from horrible arthritis I intend to keep this up for my well-being and hopefully prevent this as I get older! I see everyday how she struggles and I am determined to still be able to walk at 70 yrs of age!  My boys have been a wonderful support and Cody keeps me going!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you all keep going as I know sometimes you probably feel like chucking it in!  Go girls!!!!

“Pretty As A Picture!”

This page I created from a layout that really caught my eye in the new issue of  Australian Scrapbook Ideas!

I used their’ freebie papers’ that came with the mag and followed the design aspect of the layout and just tweaked it a bit for my embellies! 

This pic was of Jacqui and I in Ballarat that her lovely son took of us!

I just wanted to make a layout for me today, not by a sketch or for a challenge! It was fun and I loved the colour; I think that is what drew me to it!!

“I Thank My Lucky Stars!”

I can now show you this layout that I made a few weeks ago! It was a Scrap Whisper I joined in on over at Home and Scrapped!

I was the first one on the list so the girls had to follow the same elements of my layout and make it their own! I am so looking forward to seeing how the girls did their layouts!

These were some random picture of Cody and JJ taken in the last couple of months!  They are growing up sooo quick and I wanted to scrap these pics that show their character, and nice seeing JJ well again!

It was a pretty simple design double lo using 4×6 photos. I made it a more male themed by using twine and eyelets and not ribbon and the stars! I had fun misting and masking the background! I played around with the pp and curled it up too! Something I hadnt tried before and it was a great effect!

I Thank My lucky Stars Everyday that I have them!!!

“Remember The Days!”

When the girls at Home and Scrapped set me a challenge to……………

1. use a large photo printed in blk and white but I had to print it sepia.

2.  Shabby Chic style  &

3. Monochrome colours (same colour in different hues)

I knew exactly what photo I wanted to take!  I made the pic 5×7, used lots of paper tearing, inking, staples, part of a doily, sanding,  flowers,cs. pp,  stamping and a dymo gun!

This photo is of the front school yard of the Colac Technical School where I went from 1977-81, and Cody from 2004-2009.    The Hearn Strret Campus will be demolished soon as there is now a brand new Queen Street Campus named The Colac Secondary College now built!  This is where JJ goes to school! 

I did a bit of journalling on a tag about the Mon morning assemblies we used to have, a meeting place before school started, and many netball games we won on that court! lol! It was nice to reminise about my school days a bit and to have a record of it!

P.S. Thansk Mary Jo for the lovely flower! x