“About Me!” – Updated 30/8/13

I hope I wont bore you to tears, but read on if you like!!

I started scrap booking  in 2000 when like a lot of you Creative Memories was just staring here and my little Sis had a party! I love gluing and sticking and decorating the page we did and I was hooked!  I had a party as you do for my sis and enjoyed it to and started a few of my friends on their journey to!

As I felt this company was very limited at the time with their products! I do like a lot of their products now and one of my friends is a Consultant for them!  I searched out other companies and shops in Geelong and the SCRAP BOOKING WORLD really started opening up to me!  I have not looked back and have been making scrapbooks ever since!

I also have an addiction with making Mini Albums and Artist Trading Cards and I get toooo involved with some Forums and Monthly swaps!. I love challenge blogs and things that push my scraping creativity!!

I have two boys, and we have one cat, two Jack Russell pups, and we are making room for one more. My boys kitten Trishka is living with us! 🙂 Yep it is a zoo!

My boys keep me very busy and one is a man and the other a teen now. They have grown so quick, and they are great kids and I am very lucky to have them!  Cody is now 21, working at our local Irrewarra Sourdough bakery and hoping to join the Police Force in about 12 months. He has just bought himself a motor bike, now on his ‘P’ plates and loving it! 🙂 Cody has taken the next step and moved out of home and in with his best mate 🙂

Jayden is nearly 16 and in Yr 10!  He has had a fair few obstacles while at school with Glandular fever and other family stuff going on as well! He hasn’t been happy for quite a while and for his best interests I was Homeschooling him! He is a diff kid now and is going back to school in 2013 to start yr 10. He will start his school journey again and start thinking about his career and future! He has matured so much and is keen to get back into it and with his friends!!

In the last few months my mum and dads health has deteriorated! Mums dementia has worsened and they are no longer able to be in their own home. They are now in assisted living at Mercy Place here in Colac. They are being well looked after and it is a very big burden of care off me now. They are settling in well, as it has been such a big change for them being married for 40 years and in their home!

I am now getting used to not being the ‘Carer’ and back to being their ‘daughter’. It is a change for me also. I am going to have a little break, get back to doing some ‘normal’ things like look after my family, back into my garden, and of course some much needed scraping! 🙂

I have now finished my Age Care Cert II/HACC course and my work placement. It has been a very interesting course and has helped me get a job I applied for as a Disability Support Worker with Skills Connection here in Colac.  I am now on a support team and I love it. It feels great to be able to contribute to help someone in their life and it is wonderful getting paid again 🙂 I work different shifts and once I get used to it, I will be right. It is a very rewarding job and I am enjoying everything I am learning.I am now doing my Cert 4 in Disability also which will give me more job flexibility 🙂 It is time consuming but getting there!

I hope you are enjoying my bits and pieces I am posting and hope you continue to follow me!

Enjoy your visit and I hope you pop by often and say hi!

Kerri xx

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