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“So Close!”

Having a very busy time atm with my parents going into care, and mum has a place in our local age care facility ‘Mercy Place’ on Friday. I am flat-out get her things organised to take in and everything else happening this week! Dad will go in shortly after! It is hard putting your parents into care but will be the best thing for both of them as they are no longer coping at home and mum’s Dementia has got worse and very hard for Dad and I to cope with her mood swings!

I felt like a scrap the other nite and decided to have a go at Josie’s challenge over at Home and Scraped!  Nice and rustic with distressing the inking etc so had fun, and goood therapy! 🙂

A couple of close-ups of Sam and Willo!!! All SU, bit of doodling, stamping,layering and a couple of pin wheels embellies!

TFL 🙂 Kerri x


“A Xmas Swap!”

We have done some fun embellishment swaps this year over at Home and Scraped and couldn’t resist joining in the Xmas one! We make three different embellies and 8 of each one!

            For this one I used my punches and made these cute Santa faces! 🙂

     These cute Medallions I made with some punches, stamps and pattern papers!

Sorry this pic is a little fuzzy!! These are the pinwheels I showed my sis how to make! Used some different Xmas pattern papers!!!

These were fun to make and I have posted them off and looking forward to what the other girls come up with! 🙂

TFL 🙂 Kerri x

“A Day At Home!”

Hi everyone and happy Sunday!!

Such a busy week with mum still  sick and she is going back to the doctor tmorrow to get to the bottom of it. She has had some tests done to rule out any nasties.

We have a birthday in our house to day so making a special birthday dinner in between posting this! 🙂 It is also Remembrance day here in Australia too so a very special day for everyone to remember all our soldiers! 🙂

I finally got to have a play and I joined Heather and the girls at Home & Scraped Friday night for a Step by Step which was heaps of fun!! I managed to clean up my desk a little today as I decided I wasn’t going anywhere!

This is my take on the challenge and I am very happy I got to scrap these pics of dad chatting to his next door neigbours! I wanted to document this and remember how it was when we were kids always having great neighbours! 🙂

I made some pinwheels and punched a few birds for the embellies! It is hard coming up with new ways to embellish male theme photos!

I am hoping to have a bit more time to catch up with things at home this week but will just have to see what happens!! 🙂 Mum’s birthday is on Tuesday, taking her to get here hair done on Friday and then out for lunch with the family on Sunday!! 🙂

TFL 🙂 Kerri x

“A Bit of a Break!”

Things have been very hectic over the last few weeks. Mum and dad’s care is getting too much for me and we are waiting for a place for them both at our local age care facility! It is a lovely place, and even though mum is stressed about I know she will be happier there!!

I spent the weekend at my sisters, for a catch up and a ‘mini break”, back one day and feel like it never happened as mum is crook and taking her to the doc this avo!

We went to the Ballarat Spring Fest on Sunday and had a lovely time!

My niece took this photo of Alison and I at the festival! Actually not a bad one of us for a change! lol

This was the lovely pond in the Botanic Gardens! Just so peaceful and lovely!

              This is my niece Crystal and I enjoying some time together!!

In between all that, Ali and I even did a bit of Stampin Up! stuff! I showed Ali a cool technique she can use for a class and I dimensional element she can use on a card! Ali showed me also her version of our SU Ornament made with stamps and a the Ornament punch!

These were so much fun to make and I think there mite be a few on my Xmas tree this yr! lol!!

Ok better get going, have a great afternoon!

TFL 🙂 Kerri x