“Busy Week!”

I usually get to post a note or two here during the week! This week has just been one of those ‘cant seem to get anything done’ weeks!  With a doc appointment for mum and jobs to do up the street like find an ironing board, home school meeting yesterday and a friend dropping in for 2hrs today the week is just gone! lol!

I had planned on giving my sewing machine a work out and doing a couple of scrap pages but no such luck!  My loungeroom looks like a ‘chinese laundry’ with 4 loads of fabric sitting on my scrap desk waiting to b ironed! Any volunteers! Dont know what came over me! Well it will b worth it when its all crisp and lovely again and I can start creating with it!

I think I know what I will b doing tmorrow!  Sunday I am taking mum to Ballarat for the day to my sisters to get her out of the house.  My BIL had a mild stroke and  a bit of family support is always a help!  She needs a bit of moral support!  He is ok but there needs to b a few changes for them!

So that is my week’ gone! Oh well there is always net week! TFL 🙂 Kerri 


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