“A Big Mess”

Hi everyone,

Sorry been missing for a while, have been flat-out!  Lats week started with my information day on Monday for my Age Care Cert III course then,  first day on the 18/3 and now it’s nearly Easter 🙂

I have had my stash sale going full-bore on FB, and builders were here bright and early last Friday morning to replace the ceilings in two of my bedrooms due to water damage 🙂

I have been waiting for a while to get them replaced so the mess we have been living in the last few days hasn’t bothered me too much 🙂 I took a few photos too as it has been like a mini ‘The Block” episode lol!

001This is my bedroom with the horrible mouldy ceiling gone. They put in insulation too which will make a big difference! Parts of the walls were also replaced 🙂 The builders were only going to undercoat the ceilings, then they would have to come back and finish the painting! I decided to do it myself with the boys help and  get it all finished. It has been a bigger job than I thought, but so worth the inconvenience of sleeping in the lounge for a few nights 🙂


Here you can see the sponged effect that the boys have been living with! The loved it when we first moved in 1o 1/2 yrs ago, but now so over it!

I decided on a nice ‘neutral’ colour called Hog Bristle and it certainly has freshened it all up 🙂  I can change the decor and will go nicely with the colour 🙂

IMG_1857                                               This is the boy’s room finished! 🙂

IMG_1870                                                              My room finished!

IMG_1844                                                     Our “site supervisor” 🙂

It was a big job but so glad we painted it and got it done! Still getting things back in order but so nice the boys are sleeping in their room 🙂

TFL 🙂 Kerri x


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