Sheryn’s Mosaic Crop!

Just a reminder girls that our crop day is this Sunday the 20th March!

Sheryn is hosting this month and her challenge for us is a Mosaic  layout!

I have posted a couple of pics to show you the effect and if you Google it you will get heaps of ideas and inspiration!

These are lots of  fun to create cutting up photos, pattern papers etc in squares and  putting them back together on a page! You can do as much or as little as your like as long as there are a minimum of 8!

They can be 1″ which are called “Inchies or 2″ which are called” Twinchies”.  They can be round or square!

How much you embellish and journal is up to you!

I haven’t done a mosaic for a while and have been having a think about what I wanted to create!  I am going to make Twinchies!

Make sure you bring along your tools, papers, tape, pics etc to make your creations! You are welcome to use my stamps and punches!

I am really looking forward to a fun avo with you all to make our “Masterpieces!

Kerri x


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