“How to Make “Inchies” and “Twinchies”!

As you know I love trying out new ideas and techniques and seeing as we are having a workshop to make these ‘Sunday, and I may have got your curiosity going. I thought I would just let you know what they are and how to make them!

I am also considering having a swap so stay tuned!

What exactly are they?  Well, they are literally a one-inch  or two-inch square piece of art.  You can swap them or collect them.  You can use them on your cards, ATCs, scrapbook pages, and altered art.  You can make jewelry, magnets, bookmarks, or anything else you can think of out of them .  They are also a great way to use up your scraps!

How do you make them? – You make them by cutting or punching your cardstock, chipboard, cereal boxes etc to 1″ or 2′ squares and then you decorate them like tiny miniature art works! like ATC’s but on a smaller scale!

You can use pp, vellum, stamping, inking, images, you name it you can use it to decorate them and make them your own!

They are very addictive like ATC’s to me and you can use them on scrapbook pages, cards. ATC’s, as gift tags, borders, titles and accents! There are endless ideas out there for them!

Maybe after you see what we make on Sunday you might like to make some yourself and maybe join in the swap???


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