“Bit of a Re-shuffle!”

I had to have a bit of a re-shuffle to fit my bargain shelf unit in that I got Sunday!

I changed my shelving on my desk so it is a bit more  “Kerri’ friendly and so I could make use of my new shelf unit!

I now have a bit more wall space and I put my cork board up for bits and pieces of ‘inspiration and I now can more easily access my Cuttlebug and Colour Jars.  The larder in the bottom pic keeps all my most used bits and pieces together and neat and tidy! On the top is some ribbons and my handmade flowers and buttons!  I now have my sewing machine on my desk and much easier to get to and hooked up ready to use!

I have all my pp and cardstock in easy reach and I dont have to really get up and down for anything while I am creating!  I put all my books and mags together instead of all mixed up, and can use my computer and not have to move it!!

I love creating here and its very inspirational!


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