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“Retail Therapy”

Hi everyone,

Sorry for absence, I do miss you all 🙂  Been really busy with work and just signed up to do my Disability Cert IV to get more work. It goes for 6 months so will keep me busy! I am cramming in a bit of scraping here and there and spent the weekend with my Sis and family. We took the kids to Melbourne for the day on Saturday and it was a great day!! It is so busy and the sights are so funny sometimes and amusing 🙂

IMG_2959This one is of Ali and I on the tram going up Bourke Street to the mall 🙂 Yes that is my nephew hiding behind us !

IMG_2962                  The tourists can get a horse and cart ride to see the sights. I preferred to just take a photo!

IMG_2961                                                                                  They are beautiful 🙂

IMG_2965                                        These guys looked awesome and they were getting a few donations 🙂

We had a great day and boy we walked some miles around the Victoria Market and the ‘retail therapy’ was just what we needed 🙂 Great place to visit but give me the country any day lol!!

TFL 🙂 Kerri xx