“Trying To Make a Difference!”

We are all so lucky to live here in Australia! I know not all of us have heaps of money and some struggle to put food on the table!  I know some of you will say, “well why don’t you help people here?” Well I am aware of this and I help some charities as much as I can here also!

We, as a family had been thinking about sponsoring a child through World Vision for quite a while and December we decided this was what we wanted to do! 🙂 So we started it on the 25th December! 🙂

Our small monthly donation is making a world of difference to our sponsor child ‘India’ and her family in Vietnam!

We received our first letter from her yesterday and it was wonderful! Of course someone helped her with it as she is only 4 :).  They sent it written in Vietnamese and then translated to English! Just to receive it was so uplifting!

India tells us that she is going to school next yr, that the weather is nice and there are lots of trees. 🙂 They have a farm and her dad is a good fisherman. She loves to eat rice with her fish. She is very proud to be a World Vision child in her community 🙂


‘Isn’t she gorgeous! We could choose a boy or a girl to sponsor and it was a no brainer to pick a girl in this household lol!!

So you will be able to see her journey and  how  our sponsorship is helping them! It will be nice to scrap about her! 🙂 I am sure we will learn lots about her country and family also :).

TFL 🙂 Kerri


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