“How To Use Washi Tape!”


As you know I love this stuff. I have had a few of you ask me about it and how to use it! Like you I wasn’t sure what to do with it at first, but once you find out you will be addicted and use it all the time like me! 🙂

So I thought I would put together a bit of a list to get you started!

     Ideas for using Washi Tape

  1. On the edges of cards, strips on tags.
  2. As a border or even just a bit as photo corners anchors the picture and adds interest in the overall design
  3. Put small, ripped pieces across the fronts of cards. They look so gorgeous sitting in a bowl or on a stand!
  4. Use 3 rows of different washi tape instead of patterned paper to make quick thank you cards
  5. Making Washi Tape banners… little folded flag pennants on your pages.
  6. In a SMASH/ jouranl.
  7. Use them in rows of three for a photo mat or, in teeny pieces for little photo corners
  8. Use it as a border…
  9. Pleating it to give my page a little texture. It is SO much easier than pleating ribbon or paper – and it comes right up if I make a mistake.
  10. Use them to hold up Polaroids or baker’s twine in your layouts.
  11. Adhere photos to my layouts or to photo mats with them.
  12. Cut them at a diagonal to create mitered corners.
  13. Fold little strips over a thin strip of patterned paper at the very top or bottom of a layout for an easy layered look.
  14. Anchor photos, make flags for banners, strips of tape just underneath and along the side of a photo, on the edge of mini albums and  pleat strips to add texture.
  15. I have made some cute pinwheels out of it
  16. Use washi under your embellishments to ground the embellishments on your card.
  17. Make a chevron border with some and most recently sliced the tape the long way to use it as a kind of faux stitching over some banners.
  18. I love using it as an accent on my cards or to hold dies in place when I am cutting them with my Big Shot
  19. I LOVE covering things with it!
  20. I’ve used them to connect tags together to make a mini tag book. I also like to make tiny flags.
  21. I {..} love how Tim Holtz makes rosettes with tape.
  22. I love to use them on packaging!
  23. Great for making little flags with toothpicks!
  24. Can be used for all sorts of things including banners, journaling lines, decorative element on plain envelopes and I also use them in plain journals as tabs or to edge the paper to give it some color.
  25. Use in place of pp on card borders, to kind of act as re-positionable tape when inking stuff, stamp on some of them and make your own patterns.
  26.  Make party giveaways with wooden clothes peg.
  27. Make a one of a kind phone cover! I have also cover or on the outside of a small vase to hind the contents inside.
  28. Make flowers
  29. Seal envelops.
  30. Label stuff 🙂
  31. Fill In gaps on a layout
  32. Make a chevron pattern
  33. Cover seams where pp joins
  34. Make a photo frame
  35. Use it to wrap presents and make tags
  36. Dress up Home Decor items
  37. Decorate Binder and paper clips
  38. Decorate you computer or Iphone

IMG_1410As you can see I have been working on embellishing my journal! I find the washi the easiest to use as it is self adhesive and there is no bulk!  Here I just added some different pattern strips and I even had a go at making a couple of ruffles along the page!!

IMG_1358Yep, this is me with my washi tape ‘necklace’ and using some of it! As I have just ordered a few more different designs I thought I wouldn’t feel so guilty! Hope you have got some ideas and have a go with it. So much fun and I bet you will get  addicted too!!!

TFL 🙂 Kerri 🙂


2 thoughts on ““How To Use Washi Tape!”

  1. I love washi tape too. My collection isn’t that big but whenever I can get a chance to pick up a new roll I do. I love how you make ruffles with it. I’m going to have to try that.

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