“Welcome 2013!”

I hope you all has a pleasant New Yrs Eve! We had a quiet one here with my boys, a few drinks and nibbles and after some loud music and fire works going off in the neighborhood, hit the pillow about 1.30am 🙂

I am sitting in the boy’s room and Cody has just come home from work! Kitty sitting Miss Trishka with her collar off, watching she doesn’t have a chomp on her stitches!

A nice ‘do nothing day’ today, watched some tv with JJ, a bit of web surfing and not much else! 🙂 A nice start to the yr!
hope to get into the garden this week, although the weather is supposed to come in hot, so will see what happens! I hope to scrap sometime this week also!

I also have some exciting news to share with you on the 5th so stay tuned!! 🙂

Whatever you are doing enjoy!

TFL 🙂 Kerri x


One thought on ““Welcome 2013!”

  1. HELLOOO 🙂 just been having a look around, seeing what you hve been up too 🙂 your Christmas fish and chips with the family looks like it was a lovely day, and you Mum and Dad look like they enjoyed the day out too… I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, and wish you a safe, and happy
    ( or scrappy) 2013 xx hugs my friend

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