“Our Xmas Eve Drama!”

My boys have a lovely tortoise-shell cat called Trishka! She wandered away from where they stay with their dad and we were very worried about her!!

Of all evenings, Xmas Eve we found her and she had a very swollen and cut leg! We don’t know what happened to her? We phoned our local vet David and he met us with her and said it was broken and would have to be amputated! He thinks she got caught in a rabbit trap, by the damage done! 😦

What a shock and I was the one upset for the boys. JJ was with me as Cody was at work and he was so good comforting his mum!! 🙂

Trishka came through the operation really well, she is on medication for a while and will have her stitches out in three weeks! She is now living with us, safe from paddocks and traps, and when she gets stronger she will meet the rest of our Fur Balls! 🙂 She is making herself very at home with the boys!


Trishka has a big scar, but once her fur grows back you wont see it! She is adapting to 3 legs very well.


We still had a pet basket that our pups wouldn’t use!

She is a gorgeous tempered cat and is settling in to her new surrounds and she is becoming one of the ‘family’! 🙂

TFL 🙂 Kerri x


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