“Do You Like Hand Sewing!”

I know a lot of people aren’t sewers, but I love the look of stitching on my scrapbook pages and cards!!!

I was lucky enough to get a new sewing machine last yr and I have made quite a few quilts and bags etc with, plus used it for my scrap projects. The only down side to using it is the space it uses in my small scrap space!

I have decided to put it away for a while and see how I go doing some ‘hand stitching’ on my projects. I have done a lot of ‘candle wicking’ embroidery and some long stitch and applique and it is very relaxing!

To hand sew I usually get out my needle or paper piecer and use a needle and ruler to punch my holes to sew through! Well not any more! I have found a new tool that has not been out on the market long and it punches the holes for you in a variety of patterns ready for you to sew! 🙂

It is called a “Sew Easy Tool” and it does what it says, makes hand sewing easy!

As you can see it is a handle that you buy the different heads for and as you roll it over your card stock or pp it punches the holes for you!  I used it on the card and it is so easy to use! It makes sewing even more fun!! 🙂 Hand sewing is a great way to add texture to a project with out bulk and a home made feel to projects! 🙂

Here is a video from CHA last year with Noel Hymen and We Are Memory Keepers showing you how it works! 🙂

Yeah I know another gadget, but anything that saves me time and gives great results is wonderful for me!!

Stay tuned for some more cards and layouts using my new tool!

TFL 🙂 Kerri x


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