“Altered Clipboards!”

It is a bit wet here today and I thought I would do a bit of messy stuff. I wanted to do a bit of a revamp of my scrap space! I didn’t want to spend money and have lots of supplies on hands to use! I have had some normal wooden clipboards for a while and thought I would alter them a bit and have them hanging on my walls!

This is how I altered them….

My first job was to paint some Gesso primer around the edges where I want to paint. This make it smoother and the paint adheres better to the wood! When dry I painted with some acrylic paint.

As I then wanted to cover them with pattern paper and used up some SU Spice Cake that I had left over. As a 12×12 isn’t long enough to cover the who board, I used the waste piece for the other side for the piece on the bottom! I adhered the papers with some white pva glue that I still had.

To hide the joins I used some fabric tape and a bit of embellish on the clip itself! I then painted some white thickers black and used them as titles on the clips!

I then added my packets of alphabets, stickers masks and chip-board bits and pieces to use as I scrap! I also made one for all my notes!! 🙂 I think I might do a few more to hang my layouts on as well. They certainly have spruced up my space a bit and think I will make some for customer Xmas presents also! 🙂


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