“Meeting New Friends!

This weekend is just what I needed!  Some away time to scrap and not have to deal with anything or anyone!! I feel very privileged to have met all these wonderful and talented scrapers!

I got to Port Fairy at about 1pm Friday afternoon and Ebony and Michelle were already there and into their scraping!  The other girls arrived during the afternoon and we set up some table and got into it!! Soo keen!!

We had our food all planned for the weekend and we didn’t have to leave the house if we didn’t want to.  It was lovely weather for Fri and Sat but came in wet on Sunday! I stayed up with Leonie till 1.30am scraping and watching the Olympics which was great! Didn’t get a lot of sleep but that is over rated any way!! lol!!

Saturday morning we all piled into two cars and went for a look around the shops! It is a nice shopping center with some cute shops and I couldn’t help my self and bought an owl necklace!  We then went back to the beautiful house a more scraping and relaxing!!  So nice not to have to think!

I managed to get 8 layouts done and I am so happy! The girls are great at doing ‘mixed media’ or arty scrap booking! They were very helpful and gave me lots of tips and advice and I am going to have a go at some diff stuff this week I hope!!

Ebony is running another one at the end of September and I hope to go to that one! 🙂

                               Ebony Van Der Stare and Michelle Evans.

                           Leonie Neal- Dawson and Me!

                         Laura Overdyk, Raquel Louise, and Tracey Pickersgill.

                       Malinda Gardener and Jasmine Shea with Leonie!

Of course I had my camera with me!!  Thanks for a great weekend girls! 🙂

TFL 🙂 Kerri x


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