“A Mini Break!”

Hi everyone!

I had a layout to post but I am having issues with my net-book crashing and have lost everything again! I think it is dying! lol!

Anyway I am going away tomorrow for three days of relaxing by the beach at Port Fairy which is down past Warrnambool, with 9 other scrappy minded girls!!

The girls I am going with are all very talented scrapers and think I will be a bit out of my depth there!!! We are staying at a lovely house over look the beach and I will be going for a few walks over there I think!!!

It will be nice to get away and have a breather! I think I have packed too much stuff but oh well! I am just going with the flow and what I do, I do!!

So will catch up with you when I get home with no doubt heaps of photos of our weekend together to scrap and a new computer I think too! lol!

Hope you all have a great weekend as I intend to for sure!!

Hugz xx



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