“Big Boyz Toys!!”

Just thought I would pop in with a non scraping post for a change! I am so proud of my son Cody! After leaving his job at Safeway to do an entry course for Bulla and then not get put on it has been a bit rough on him the last 12 months!!

He got a new job at our local Irrewarra Sourdough Bakery in March and he hasn’t looked back!! It has been very exciting and now he has just bought a new motor bike to get around on and to save me some running around and stress! Isn’t he thoughtful! 🙂

He did his ‘L’ plate motorbike course in Geelong over two days and then he decided which bike he wanted and the rest it history!! Today is the first day I haven’t had to take him to or from work and it was a bit of a weird feeling! Not to have some one dependent on you! It is great and will be a lot easier for me for sure! 🙂

This is a fortnight ago on the 6th of July when Cody went down with his dad to pick it up!  The first pic I took! It is a 250 CC Aquila! With electric start and fuel injection, or so he tells me!!!

He drove home through Geelong for the first time!! His dad said he did a great job!

He keeps it under cover out of the weather and he even bought a cover to put over it!!

Warmed up and ready to take it for a spin on Saturday!

He did a few laps of our block and then he went for a cruise!!  It is Black, burgundy and silver so of course I approve! lol!!!

He has to hold his L plates for 3 months then he can go for his “P” plates! He is intending to do the advanced driving course also before he gets his “P”s!

I know he is sensible and he has all the right protective gear so I am over worrying about him riding on it! It was a bit of a shock at the start but it has definitely grown on me.  He is an adult and needs to make his own decisions and path in life!

TFL 🙂 Kerri x


One thought on ““Big Boyz Toys!!”

  1. too true Kerri, they do have to make their own paths, however being married to a bike lover, & being a mother, they can be sensible, but you can only control so much. the rest is left up to the big fella above & his agenda, & it doesnt matter how old they are if they are your baby you will always worry. rest assured however you are not alone.xxoo

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