“Altered Mini Albums!”

I haven’t been around for a while and I apologise! 🙂 I am having a little break from scraping as I just can’t get motivated!  I am have issues with mum and dad’s care and I am a bit stressed!!  I also have 3 SU Workshops in May which will keep me busy also! 🙂

I was invited to join Mary Bennett’s About ME Group over at The Boxx and I think it came at the right time!  I need a project to think about it and this is going to be fun!!  I am starting an About Me album so my kids can look back on  in years to come and not wonder what mum was up to or what she liked/ disliked etc! Not that they don’t know me of course! lol!! 🙂 I created one of these about 6 or 7 years ago and a lot has happened since then and changed in my life!

As you know I love making Mini Albums and instead of doing layouts I am altering some plain old Manila Folders and creating my album from these! I was making it from a tutorial on You Tube but it isn’t what I wanted so I have made my own design and I will keep you updated with its progress!!

I wanted to share with you this Paper Bag Album I have been working on for JJ. I have a lot of photos we have taken from car shows and I thought this would be great to keep them in and we can add to it!!

I used some brown paper lunch bags and stuck them together to create pockets! I bound them with some card-stock over the spine!

You can see I have covered the paper bags with pattern papers from my stash and you can see the pockets which I can use for extra photos, journaling or memorabilia! It is starting to look very cool and JJ loves it!!

Below is the start of my Altered About Me Album!  I cut the folders down to 81/2 x 10″ and with the scraps I made some extra pages, flaps and tags!

Sometime this afternoon I will start my front cover, still working out how I want to do it! Pattern paper, ink, paint, etc!


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