“Gardening Inspiration”

I certainly needed some gardening inspiration and Pam and I got bucket loads of it yesterday when we ventured to the big city for the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show!!

My garden is in dire need of weeding and tidying up and I am going to get it done this week as I am so sick of seeing the mess!!! I have half the garden I had and I still have trouble keeping up with it!! I do like to get out and play in he dirt for a change!! LOL!!!

There was so much to see and do and these few pics are just a snippet of what I took and what I want to scrap to remember!! Sorry this post is a bit photo heavy!!!!

                                 So many beautiful varieties of orchids!!

                                   Beautiful flower art!! These were amazing!!

                             The most amazing roses!! Drooooolllll!!!!!

                                   Pam got lost in amongst the Bromeliads!!

                 These two were funny! They entertained the crowd for sure!!

         Lucky me! A picture with Jason Hodge from Better Homes and Gardens!!

I think I did drool over all the new David Austen roses! Words can’t describe them!!!

The day would not have been complete without a life-size owl photo! lol!!

We had such a good day and came home with many ideas. Now to put them into action! hehehe!!

TFL 🙂 Kerri x


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