“Week 2 Project 365 – Jan 8th-14th!”

This Week has been a bit busy as they are and I was lucky enough to be able to have a bit of down time as well! A few different things to photograph this week!! I ventured out to the vegie garden, re-arranged my scrap space, had a go at using the ‘macro setting’ on Cody’s camera, had a read, and went shop with a friend!

I am finding this “simple plan” of scrap-booking is harder than I thought!! I think I am going to end up doing some embellishing of some kind!! lol! I used some pp on this layout and distressed the edges!! I just can’t help myself!!

I am really happy with the way the pics and journal are telling our story, but I feel they just lack something!! Maybe I will try some different sketches and ways to set my pages up also!!

Sorry about the flare from the flash, there is plenty of light in the lounge but in the wrong place trying to take a good pic!! I am learning! lol!! If you click on the image it will be better to see the happenings of our week!! 🙂

Well that is Week 2 already gone! I wonder what will this week bring?

TFL 🙂 Kerri x


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