“Moving Day!’

No, I am not moving house!! Like I don’t have anything else I could be doing!!  I have no idea why I do this to myself! You would think I would find one space to scrap and stay put!!  Ha!!  I decided I needed my kitchen table back in the kitchen and I have opened up the bi-fold dividing doors and have created an open, but cosy space for the lounge!

I have divided our quite large lounge in half, sort of and I have a bigger half for my scrap space!! When nothing went the way I wanted it to this morning OMG, why did I bother!! I am happy with it now as it took me all day and I am pooped!! I still have plenty of space to have crops in the kitchen with the doors open!! I just need to bring my drawers in with my punches and put the printer back up on the computer table!!

This is looking across from the kitchen and I have the table up against the back of the couch! This also stops our pups from being able to hide under the couch!

This is looking from the front door across to our large window and my spacious table! I have my SU stuff in the basket and my trusty type-writer handy!

                                   This shelf finishes diving the room!Above is a shelf I had on my desk! It now has all my ummounted stamps and my ink pad holder!

‘This is my large book shelf that I have had up in my room and decided to use it for my heavier albums and paper stash, background stamps etc!!

I have my small table set up next to my corner table as my ‘Sewing Centre!” I need to be able to use my machine!!  I have my sewing notions on this little shelf unit!

I think it is more ‘Kerri friendly’ and I am sure I will get lots of hours use from it!!  I still have a few things to tidy up like my paper stash and put some more of my albums on the book case etc!!

Even though I complain about not having my own room, I am grateful that I have a place to play!! I have lots of natural light, I can have the tv or dvd player on or play music. And I think most importantly I am with the family as this is where the boys spend a lot of there time!!

TFL 🙂 Kerri x


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