“Week 1 Project 365 – Jan 1st-7th”

I have had so much fun taking photos this week for my Project Life and the first week has just whizzed by!!  I have been having a go at taking some close up Macro shots and some still life with my Canon point and shoot and I have my LG Chocolate Mobile with me all the time!!! I have also been playing with Cody’s Fuji Finepix camera which I love it.  It has 14 Megapixels and 14x optical zoom. My Canon point and shoot is 4 mega pixels and 4x optical zoom, my phone has 5 x optical zoom and takes a great photo!!! I am determined to get a new camera as soon as I can and really learn about taking photos and how my camera works!!

Today I printed my photos, some 4×6 and a few wallet size! I stamped the background on the card-stock! Added a day and date to journal cards and journaled my memories of this week!! A busy week and I think I covered all the happenings! Nothing too flash, just down and documented!! It probably took me about and hour and a half all up!!

This week consisted of Bringing in the New Yr, some driving and finding blueberries along the way,a dog wash, new dvd’s, admiring mums lilies that she grows, a few warm days and Willo wanting to nap on Cody! hehe, catching up with a friend and a pup that loves sleeping on my bed!!

Project Life is about your life. Keep it simple, add a little flair, or get fully creative with it. The beautiful thing is – it’s your choice

TFL 🙂 Kerri x


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