“NY Resolutions!”

Happy New Year everyone!!  Do you have any NY Resolutions for 2012?  I have more what I would call goals, because I think they sound more achievable! lol! Only a few!! hehe!

My first one is to be able to go back and study to become a nurse! I am hoping that the help I need for mum and dads care will be available by June!!

Secondly of course is to complete my first yr of my Project Life successfully!

My third one would be to be more active than I have been! I know I have a busy life but doing some walking is my plan and becoming a little bit healthier along the way would be great!! Big son is motivating me and he is doing a great job! He said “mum we can go for walks and you can take your camera and you never know what we might see!” He does have some good ideas!!

And my fourth one is to save ‘some money‘ which I have already started to do! I have set up an acc I can’t touch and the bank transfers the money for me and I don’t even miss it!!  I can use it for Xmas, bills or whatever at the end of this yr!!!

Yep that means not buying so much scrap stuff right!!! lol!

I am being realistic I think and not expecting too much and hopefully will be great to see how I go!

What r your goals, maybe we could support each other!

Happy 1st of January!!

TFL 😦 Kerri x


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