“My Faves for 2011!”

One of the members at Challenge Heaven, Leah Cameron thought it would be a good idea for us to post our Fave Layouts from 2011 and share them with you all! What a great idea Leah!  I have done a lot of scraping this yr looking back and so many happy memories! It was a big decision but here are my top 10 in no particular order!!

This was a fun challenge to use black and blights. Couldn’t go past this pic of Cody as a bub!

This was a pic of where my grandmother lived when we were little! I loved doing the collage!

                    I loved this pic of Cody, he is growing up too fast!

This was a double layout to show that J is a bit of a home body and that he has settled so well into me Home Schooling him!

I was trying our a different style and trying to learn how to match patterns here!

      I did a workshop to show the girls how to mosaic on a layout! Pics of JJ and Dad!

This was a challenge lo to used pattern papers in a different way! I had always wanted to try to quilt some pattern papers!

This was my wedding day and is my fave layout that I have done so far for my Stampin’ Up! album.

I love this photo of mum when she was 21.  I scanned the original and had to scrap it!

This is a 6×12 I did earlier in the year of my niece Crystal and me! She is the only niece I have and we are very close!

          I had to sneak this one in too out of my December Daily, as it was a fun Xmas Day!


I don’t think I will be scrapign so many in 2012 as I am sarting my project 365 in one more sleep!! lol!!

There are so many layouts I love that I have done this yr and I hope you enjoyed a little ‘walk down memory lane” with me!

Happy New Year!

TFL 🙂 Kerri x


3 thoughts on ““My Faves for 2011!”

  1. Gorgeous work Kerri, and such a wide variety of styles and techniques you’ve used. Just shows what a lot of fun you’ve had this year being creative. Looking forward to seeing where it takes you next year, I fully expect to enjoy the ride 🙂

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