“My DIY Project 365 Kit!”

If you have been pondering about how I am making up my 365 Kit, this is how I am putting it together!! I want to be able to just print my pics, stick them down and journal! You can buy a kit already made for you through Becky Higgins but is over $160 and you have to order it from NZ.

I am following the main parts of the kit; making my own 365- 3.5 x 5.5 photo mats and 365- 2.5×3.5 journal cards, but I am going with putting them on card-stock and in the 12×12 protectors I already have, and not using the 4×6 photo pockets!!

I have made some journal cards from pattern papers and also downloaded a few and printed them out which has made it quicker for me!!

I have worked out the card-stock needed with what I have in my stash and made the cards and mats to co-ordinate. I am using a different color for each month!! I am still in the process of cutting them out and will show you how I am going to set my pages up when I am finished!

As you can see I have them sorted in the month with the week attached! As I don’t know if my pics will be portrait or landscape I am not attaching them to the card-stock until the end of each week when I scrap them!!

I will use a double page spread for each week, so I can have a decent size photo. I will have a couple of extra spots for memorabilia, extra pics or journaling!! This time I am not going to ‘get lost’ and stick to my plan of ‘simple scraping’!!!

It has taken me a little time but hasn’t cost me a lot of money to create my album and I think this is going to be how I scrap from now on!!  I think I will be able to get  more of the up close and personal in my albums for my boys!!

TFL:) Kerri x


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