“December Daily Challenge!”

I thought I would share this with you!  I haven’t created a December Daily Journal before and thought I might take up the challenge over at http://challengeheaven.ning.com with Bek.  It is a Xmas journal that you document each day of December, you can then keep it as a piece of your family history or it would make a great gift for grand parents!!

If you go over to Ali Edwards blog here


you will find all the info and ideas on her blog!

Bek is going to be putting up a daily sketch and a journal prompt for the 31 days of December, to help give you ideas and get the Xmas mojo going! lol!!

I wasn’t sure about taking part  as with no little kids around now Xmas is not the same and I don’t have the same busy preparation that there used to be with shopping for presents, school functions etc!! There are different things we do now with the kids being older and things have changed but it is still a lovely time of the year for our family!!  I think I will prob include some photos of past years to tell our Xmas story!!

At the moment I am getting together all my bits and pieces together to put my journal together and I think an 8×8 size will be big enough!! I am going to cut out my 8×8 pp or cs and have journaling spots etc already on them to do each day!!!I want to do it like my smash journal and be able to add different elements like Xmas cards and things to it!! It will be great to use up some scraps and stash!!! As you know I am such a Camera-aholic lol, I have taken two photos already for my first pages!

So stay tuned to see my 31 days of Xmas coming together!! Go over and jump on board and have a go with us!!

I went through my stash tonight and found all my Xmas Theme stuff for making my journal! I am a traditional green, red and white girl!!  I have found some empherea to use, embellies etc for my 31 days! It will be great to use up some stash! lol!!

TFL 🙂 Kerri x


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