“Finding Inspiration!”

I am not sure if I have asked you this before!!

Where do you find Inspiration to create scrapbook layouts!! I find it everywhere!!

I use my photos and take inspiration from the event or the colors, I am a member of a few wonderful “Ning Challenge online groups, ( The Boxx, Challenge Heaven and Home and Scrapped!!)  I take inspiration also from my daily life, scrap-lift the creations of other talented scraper’s, have fun trying new techniques and I love blog hoping and using quotes and music lyrics to get the mojo going!!

The thing I do the almost every month is buy myself a couple of Scrap-booking magazines and they are a wealth of knowledge and talent!!  That is a few per year and as I don’t have a lot of space to store them I take an afternoon and go through them all around about this time of the year!!  I tear out all the layouts, tips, techniques and off the page projects that have really jumped out and me and I have three folders which I cut and paste them into!! Yep, just like my Great grandmother used to do!! I still have mine that she made me!!

I have one folder for Double Page Layouts, sketches and off The page projects, one for single layouts and one for cards and tips and techniques I want to try!! they are an invaluable resource and I do have a couple of them now but they are used all the time!

I flick through them when the mojo is not going as planned and I always find something to inspire me!!  Yesterday I had my cutting and pasting day of this years mags and now they are all neatly filed where I can find them and not have to store all those mags!! 🙂

As you can see I do make a ‘little mess’ lol!  this is some of the stuff I tear out and trim up and past in my books!! I think it is ‘therapeutic also!!

When my printer was working I printed out a lot of Page Maps from their site and store them here too!! I will print some more when I invest in a new printer!!

This is the boy theme section and I put all the layouts and things I like in here!! As I scrap a lot of boy/male pages I am always on the look out for new designs and different embellishments to use on my pages!!

It is nice to have a good selection of girly themed layouts too and they are a great reference!  I love going into my ‘mini album’ and ‘off the page’ sections for some great ideas also!!

I would love to hear your ideas for inspiration and what helps you! You may even like to keep a bit of an “Inspiration File!” too!!

TFL 🙂 Kerri x


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