“Finding My Passion!”

You might need good strong drink after this post! lol

The past few months I have been probably what you call “having a stock take of my life at the moment!”

I am not dis-satisfied with what I am doing, but think I need something a bit more full filling and something I love doing!!  I don’t mean to seem ungrateful for where I am in my life at the moment either! I am happy being a Stay At Home Mum; I am enjoying Home Schooling JJ, teaching Cody to drive and looking after my mum and dad! They are all are important jobs but I just need something else to put my passion into!  As things are with mum and dad I am not sure if nursing is going to be an option for a while and I need to do something!!!  That is just me, I have to be busy!!!!  I have been dabbling with my quilts and some scrap-booking, my garden etc but nothing seems to be full filling like having a job!!!

Being home and having the opportunity to work from home I have decided to………………….. rejoin Stampin’ Up and re-build my business! I was just not happy doing Kaszazz and realised I love teaching people to enjoy stamping, card making and scrap booking using Stampin Up’ products!!! I love sharing as most of you know!!! I still have lots of Stampin’ Up products that I always go back to because I know them and love using them!

I can hear you saying “God she is on that train again, wont she ever find something and stick to it!”   You are probably right I have had a change with companies along the way and now I now realise that I should have stayed with Stampin Up‘ as it is their products and company that I love!! I always “learn the hard way!” lol but that is life!

I have the urge to make cards again and sell them like I was and share my passion for stamping and scrap-booking that I always have had!!! It isn’t going to be easy to re-build my business but I am determined to do it and make it successful!  It may take me 12 months to get back out there and get my customer base back but I am going to make it!! I still have some current stamp sets to use and it wont take me long to rebuild my kit ! I am totally addicted to stamps!!!

I have got to know a lovely demonstrator online and I have ordered a few things off her over the past 12 months! Her name is Sarah Jane Kale’ and she has talked me in to re joining again.  Said to me.  “How do we know how much we love something if we don’t try other things!” I think that is true and she didn’t think I was ‘weird’ for wanting to re-join!! I have found my passion again and the excitement I had when I first became a demo with them!!!

I am filling out the paper work tomorrow. I have just been been on the Stampin’ Up website deciding which new stamps, inks, card-stock, pattern papers etc I want in my new kit!! Oh the stress! lol

So watch out for my new Stampin Up’ Blog which will hopefully be up and running by the end of this week, and business launch with the new 2011-2012 Catalogue which has just been released with some beautiful new products to temp us!!

Stay Tuned for more info!

TFL 🙂 🙂  Kerri xx


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