” Recipe Junkie!’

If you didn’t know I am a bit of a Recipe Junkie!  I love collecting recipes to ‘one day” try out and make my own! lol! Not that I get a lot of time to cook, but with the boys older and enjoying making food “from scratch” as they say, I have developed a bit more of an interest to cook and bake! I think school has been a big help with the boys having an interest in cooking which has to be a good thing! With JJ at home he still loves his ‘home school” lesson in the kitchen! It is after a “life skill” and not a burden to know how to do! I think my boys will be able to cook for themselves and do a bit more than ‘boil water!’ lol!

With this interest looming again, i decided to brush the cobwebs off a Recipe Binder I Decoupaged quite awhile ago and never really got back to finishing it!! It was one of those craft series binders that I never kept buying, so I “Altered” it!! I just need to put a title on the cover!!

                                                  “Front cover”

                                   “Back  Cover”

                                         “Open with pockets and pages”

I think it looks cool with the sort of Vintage feel with the paper and  I will put a chippy title on shortly! I was going to use some A4 refills and dividers from JJ’s school stash but the binder was smaller and they wouldn’t fit!  I had 5 packets of 8 1/2 x 11 refills that I hadn’t used and they worked perfect!  Now to get to and start getting my recipes into the one place!!! It will be great to one day hand it down to the boys!!!!

TFL 🙂 Kerri x


One thought on “” Recipe Junkie!’

  1. That looks great Kerri, I have a old book I have wrote my recipes in that is falling to bits, maybe I should take your lead and get it into order. You have been busy with all your projects, keep up the fabulous work
    Mary x

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