“A Few More Smashed Pages!”

This page on the left has my Immunization card in it and some of my old Primary School reports that mum had kept for me all these yrs!! It was so good to look back and see how I was going as young student!!!

I added a pic of my typewriter and wrote a bit about it also!

This is the page I made for Cody! I added a couple of local paper articles, coins from the year he was born, his Yr 6 Graduation badge and a few other things I had kept!!


As you can see my Smash Book/Junque journal is slowly growing and will be great to keep adding to and looking back on!! I have some pics of Myself and sis when we were younger to add to it plus other photos that aren’t really scrap worthy for pages but will be added interest for my book!!!

TFL 🙂 Kerri x


One thought on ““A Few More Smashed Pages!”

  1. Love it Kerri. Ive been looking at getting one of these Smash books, but then think “its just one more thing I *have* to do”! Yours is looking fab though 🙂

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