“A Smashing Good Time!!”

In between the wonderful ‘house work’ this morning,I have started adding stuff to my Smash book and thought I would share what I have done so far!!!!

This is the inside cover and first page! I just smashed in a couple of photos, a definition, my “Pink Visa” which I can’t live without (no its inactive) and a few other bits!!!!



This page is somewhere in the middle and I have made it JJ’s page! Just stuff I have kept from when he was a school and things he likes!!! The black mesh is from an old school back pack! lol!  I  will make one for Cody as well! Adding the stuff is so much fun and ‘my therapy!” lol!!!


I have also included some special cards and letters from loved ones that are no longer with us!! I have added lots of tags and pockets for journaling on etc!

I hope I am inspiring some of you out there to get all that memorabilia and empherea out of those boxes and out where you can relive the memories and enjoy it!!!!


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