“Who Want’s to Make Buttons?”

Are you like me and drooled over all the gorgeous Fabric covered Buttons you see for sale on Etsy, MadeIt etc!  They are pretty expensive and I haven’t bothered!

With my new clean and organised scrap space calling out to me today, I thought I would make something instead of scraping!  I was going to buy a $30 kit and use an actual Fabric Button Making Tool to have ago at making them but with some fabric and basic supplies I think these came up lovely, and so much cheaper!!!!

I am addicted to   http://pinterest.com/ and I found this great Fabric Button Tutorial linked there!  They have so much stuff to look at its amazing!  I found this great tutorial here at

http://michelemademe.blogspot.com/2010/06/tutorial-handmade-covered-buttons.html?showComment=1312684789374#c595689365941479372   They seemed fairly easy to make so I thought I would make my version of them!!  If you can’t follow mine go over to Michelle’s! It is very detailed and lovely pics!

Here goes and I hope you have a go at them!!!

Supplies Needed!

Fabric scraps, needle and thread, some polyester stuffing, plastic or card stock, a circle template or something round, pencil. scissors, and glue!

Step 1 –  Use your circle template or punch some circles!  I used card stock as I found this sturdier enough to use! You can use scrap plastic if you want to! I used my 3/8″ punch but you could make them whatever size you like!

Step 2 – I glued three layers of the punched circles to give it a bit or strength! I just used scraps!

Step 3 – Draw some circles on your fabric, about twice as big as your cs ones! I just roughly traced around my punched circles to get an idea and made a chipboard shape to trace more! I just used fabric scraps also! I used a bit of my fabric from the swap I was in too!

Step 4 – Hand sew a running stitch around the edge of the circle on the wrong side and  it will slightly pull in to form a pouch.
Step 5 – Put a small amount of wadding into the circle and add one of your punched circles on the top!

Step 6 – Holding the wadding in place pull your thread in and it will come around and make a button shape! Sew a couple of stitches to hold in place!

Step 7 – This step is optional!  Using these buttons on my own projects I wouldn’t worry about adhering a little felt circle on the back to finish it off! I would neaten the backs of them to give as gifts and in swaps etc! Michelle makes a cute little back on them with a loop of ribbon!

Step 8 – Enjoy your in expensive Handmade Fabric Covered Buttons!!! I made these 50 this afternoon!!! Once you make a few and work out how much stuffing you need etc they don’t take long to make! You could make them as you need them so you could match them to your projects!!!

                              This is a little close up of the ones I made with mycute Fabric from Lisa in the UK!! 🙂

Enjoy and hope you pop over and have a peek at Michelle’s lovely tutorials and buttons!!!

TFL 🙂 kerri x


4 thoughts on ““Who Want’s to Make Buttons?”

  1. Holy mackerel Kerri! They look awesome and I can’t believe how many you’ve made!!! They’ll be perfect for all those scrapbooking projects of yours. 🙂 Beautiful work!

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