“Re-Inventing My Space!”

This was before my revamp today! The table in the corner and I seemed to have lost some usable space!  It all adds up when you have only a corner of the lounge! lol!

This is it now all clean and tidy and more practical for me!!!

I have been in a ‘scrap space rut!” My scrap space isn’t really inspiring me at the moment and everything seems to be mixed up and unorganized! I am not really complaining, I know lots of you out there probably have and make do with less room than me!! I know everyone’s probably gets like this!  I thought about moving the tv and then putting it back into the kitchen etc, but I can’t really move it anywhere else as it is not practical so I thought a ‘re-invention’ might work.  I spent a couple of hours this afternoon moving my desk and finding how to make my scrap space to be more workable! I think it is now and plan on trying it out later! I have uncluttered my desk and only put on their what I mainly need and I think that has helped alot!

I moved the table from the corner and used the small desk to house my shelf unit! I have all my stamps, idea books and magazines, rollograph stamps in a jar  glimmer mists and doily jar that sit on a ‘lazy Susan’ for easy access and my scrap paper box and other odds and ends in baskets! The desk also has two good size drawers which I have used for stamps, and to keep all my Kaiser product together as I use them alot!

This is my other little shelf unit I haven’t been using but thought it would be good for the stuff on my desk and by putting it on shelves its not cluttering my work space! I have extra tape, tools, paints, etc in the pink baskets. My distress inks and smaller punches in the drawers, photos to scrap in the brown basket and my rubbish bin on the bottom!

I used the floor space under the desk for my fabric, large stickers, chipboard and my hat boxes with more ribbon lace sewing stuff etc!  The drawers have my embellishments, punches and ribbons with my 12×12 card stock and pattern papers on top! I just swapped the hooks over for my wall storage!

On the top shelf of my unit I have a few things I have made! I like to have my creations on display! My ’52 Weeks Album on the left with a Quote Book, my decorated 365 Days Box, my Initial and a layout which I can update on an easel and last but not least my Altered Book!. My ribbon corset on the far right is handy to for any ribbons I need!

These are the only few bits I have on my desk! I like that it is clean. I have my tape, pens, scissors and general scrap supplies that I need and my other supplies are right next to me on the shelf!!! I have my light and net-book a bit further up and my cutting mat and cutter on the right hand side! Everything I need is now more at arms reach and I don’t think I will have to get up and down all the time to get things!  I am facing the tv and the heater; what more could I need! A cuppa I think after this long post! lol!!!

I think I will now feel more inspired to create!

TFL 🙂 Kerir x


One thought on ““Re-Inventing My Space!”

  1. I think it looks great Kerri! I reckon you’ve made very good use of the space you have available. (I am dreading when we finally move and the possibility that I might lose my scrap room! LOL But you’ve just shown me that it can definitely work out in the living space…just don’t tell my DP that! hehe) XXX

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