“A Bit of Re-Shuffling!”

Don’t you hate it when you think you have solved your ‘scrap stash storage woes! lol!

I did think I had my embellishment supplies sort of organized untill I bought this drawer set and realised what a mucked up messy lot I have!!

Having them in the jars and all their colors looked great, but hey what a mess!!! I had to shuffle through everything to find the right ribbon, diecut or what ever I needed!!

This way I have designated drawers for punches, ribbon, die cuts, journal tags, felt, twine, etc and I have them all in zip lock bags and still sorted in their colors!! I am hoping this will make it a bit easier to find things!!!

I have even stored my Cuttlebug and emboss folders on it for easier access!

Now to keep it like this………

TFL 🙂 Kerri xx


One thought on ““A Bit of Re-Shuffling!”

  1. Hi Kerri, I am finally catching up on my emails. The computor hasn’t been working due to the fact that like you I have been organising my space and accidentally pulled the plugs out when moved my desk and I had no idea what went where LOL. I am also just getting over a 4 week bout of pnumonia. Very unpleasant to say the least but I am finally on the mend now and have been busy making flowers while I was unable to do anything else. Very thereputic when you are that ill. I am going to send you some next week so look for them in the post. God bless love Dee xxooxx

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