“Paper Problems!”

Do you have ‘paper problems”?

I do at the moment with a big mix up of my pattern papers and card stock in two baskets and not being able to find anything!

Being in these baskets they take up alot of room and Willo our pup has decided she wants to try and take them out on me!  Teeth marks are a good look for distressing! lol!

As you can see they are pretty out of order and mixed up! not good at for saving time! I decided to have rethink and I purchased two Vertical paper holders which make a big difference on space!

So below is my re-vamped paper stash!  I have my kits and A4 card stock in the basket and the paper holders have my card stock and pattern papers!

Now I need to replenish my card stock. or stop scrap booking!  Haha, not going to happen! Hopefully will be able to get some this weekend at the Craft Show in Melbourne!  TFL 🙂 Kerri x


2 thoughts on ““Paper Problems!”

  1. hee hee hee – you crack me up!! poor pooch. I keep all my papers in folders I bought for $10 each at spotlight. They are concentina style with a clip on the front and I sort the cardstock by colour groups and the pp’s by make … Oct afternoon, cosmo cricket ect ect.. because yes, I am one of those sorry people who have sooooo much paper but sadly know exactly which ones I have…sad.
    Thanks for your lovely email too, glad to hear all is well (well almost all) put a little thanks on my blog for ya!!

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