“Are These Just Cute or What!”

That is what I said yesterday after I spent an hour at Time Zone with the boys yesterday in Geelong!  They hadn’t been there for ages and I did’t mind laughing at them playing games to their heart’s content!

They played for an unlimited hour and they got their moneys worth! With the points they had racked up they said I could spend them on something! Aaaawh aren’t they sweet! Hope you aren’t vomiting! lol!  They are pink and pens so I grabbed them and they adorn my desk and brighten it up!!

Of course I have some photos of them playing but they are on my phone and for some reason I can’t down load them! Will be checking out why tmorrow at our local shop! I was going to take the camera but thought na!

Not much scraping at the moment, gearing up for the CC at Home and Scraped this weekend!  we have nearly finished our BAP so will post the finished lo tmorrow!

I bought hot glue gun yesterday so I can try some new flowers. I havent got normal glue strong enough to hold them in place.  I received my flower dies and paper holders from Made With Suzanne, which I put my Voucher towards yesterday.  Now I can  sort out my papers and make some flowers with the dies in my Cuttlebug also!  So thinking I might have a fun busy weekend!!!

TFL 🙂 Kerri xx


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