“Family Day!”

Yesterday we had a great day around at mum and dad’s all together!   Yes, of course I had to take photo’s!!!

My sis, BIL, niece and nephews came down from Ballarat, and we got to have a real ‘catch up” day!

Life gets busy and time is a prob as with everyone these days!

The kids are all “typical teens’, with their video games and iPods! They all get on really well and they usually amuse one another with the chess board or just general mucking around! lol!

It was nice for mum and dad to catch up with them and get all the gossip from Ballarat!

Ali and I don’t get to do much together like go shopping etc so we have planned a day at “The Stitches and Craft Show at the end of the month! NO KIDS ALLOWED!

I am going up to their place for the weekend and well go over to Melbourne on the train and get some”retail and sanity therapy!” A girls day is just what we need!  We have been on line and looked at the workshops we want to do and demonstrations, and we are going to sign up for a “Flower Making Class which should be fun! I am really looking forward to it! TFL 🙂 K x


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