“2011 Melbourne Motor Show!”

No, I am not that into cars, but the things you  do as a mum! lol!  As Jayden has been doing really well with his home schooling and not whinging about having do his study, I said I would take him to the show! He was so excited, got up at 6.30 ( OMG!) and off we went!

He was a little disappointed as I think he thought there would be lots more vintage cars!  It was mainly top of the range out of my league cars!

He enjoyed his day out in Melbourne and we got a few pics, had a look around and then came home! these are a few pics of our day! TFL 🙂

                               One of JJ’s faves! the new Ford Ute!

                             I like this one with the photos all over it, of course!                                             “An old Ford of course!”

                                 I took this one from the steps of the Exhibition Center!

                                Walking back over the ‘Yarra’.

                                           While we were waiting for our train we went to Starbucks and had the yummiest Frappe and Coffee!

                                  I took this one on the train one the way home and even got a smile from JJ! lol!


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