“A Sad Note!”

A bit sad today! 😦

Mum phoned last night to say that our Aunty Bev Smith  had passed away suddenly! She has been fighting throat cancer for over 18 months and we thought she had beaten it!  Sadly it had caused heart complications.

Aunty Bev was the last real contact we have with my ‘biological’ dad’s family! She was married to dad’s only brother Uncle kelvin.  She has two sons but we never really got to know them!

She didn’t have her internet on at home and she was using it at the library. She would always send me some funnies or an email regularly! I thought it a bit odd that she missed sending a birthday card to J as she never missed our birthdays!  She had the same Birthday as me!!  I only said to mum the other day I would email her as she hadn’t rang mum for an hour-long gossip for a while either!

‘You never know what is around the corner and what life is going to throw at us! It was quite a shock as she was such a tough  bird and a real character who told it like it was! We had some great family days with her! 🙂  She would reg come up to Colac and drive her Nissan Bluebird up to see us & bring along Minestrone Soup or something she whipped up!

Up till recently she worked full-time  managing a doctor’s office! She wouldn’t retire until her health made her!

At least we know she is at peace now and not in pain which would have been awful!  She will be missed a lot by her nieces and sister-in-law in Colac and she will not be forgotten! xx


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