“Winter Sunshine!!”

There is nothing better than “Winter Sunshine! I thought it was supposed to rain today but it was a lovely day!

I made the most of it and went outside to sweep down the porch so I could set up my “Bistro set” the boys got me for my birthday! Jas put the table together for me!

As I was outside and was sick of seeing the weeds growing I started gardening and then Cody and J came out to join me!  It made it soo much easier and quicker with their help! Cody did a fair bit of weeding and rose trimming and J swept the paths etc and took photos! I got a really horrible thorn in my finger just before we had finished and as it was really bleeding and painful Cody finished up for me and J made got me a nice cuppa and a biscuit! Very spoiled! lol! I am looking a bit rough on it with dirt everywhere and a sore finger but really enjoying the sun and my cuppa !!! I think Cody got a couple of thorns too!

This is the view of our driveway! It gets lots of afternoon sun!






My “outdoor cafe!” It will b beautiful in the Summer when my roses are in bloom!










Me enjoying my cuppa and cookie; looking a bit worse for wear lol!


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