DT for Challenge Heaven!!!!

   I am a little bit excited and I am doing the “Happy dance!” I think the boys think I have lost it!  Michelle at http://www.challengeheaven.ning.com    has asked me to me to become a Design Team Member for August, September and October and for two Cyber Crops!

I am so rapt to be given this opportunity to work with Michelle Benson, Becci Sunburg, Simone Morrison and the gorgeous Jess Mackenzie!!!  I am wrapped that they think my work is ‘worthy’!!!

Wish it was August! lol!!!    A ‘little goal ” for me has come true!!!!    I have been a little absent with all the stuff going on around here lately.  Michelle checked up on me to see how things were going which was lovely!   Boy what an excuse to scrap my heart out now!!!!!

I think I will be ‘happy dancing” for a while!!!

TFL 🙂  Kerri x


6 thoughts on “DT for Challenge Heaven!!!!

  1. Kerri, doing a happy dance for you. Well done! Can’t wait to see what you get up to and what you make up get up to with you. Pat of the back and all that stuff. Congratulations.

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