“Metallic ATC’s!”

These lovely ATC’s I received today from Born 2 Create from the May “Metallic” theme swap.  These are the wonderful artistic creations the girls came up with!

I am having a little break at the moment feeling a bit burnt out!  I really enjoy making these little art works and I am sure after a little break I will be back joining in girls!

Why don’t you hop over to


and join in with Sarah and the girls! they are lovely and friendly and new members are most welcome!

TFL 🙂 Kerri


3 thoughts on ““Metallic ATC’s!”

  1. This was a great swap. Photos can’t do them justice as all the metallic parts are so hard to photograph. Thanks for sending your readers our way Kerri. We’d love some more swappers to join us.

  2. Cute little ATC’s Kerri, I know what you mean about being burnt out….. I find the same effect from making cards as you do for making ATC’s. That little touch of creativity that helps get through the day.
    Good on you for getting the home schooling underway. I admire people who have the patience for home schooling.

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