“Brotherly Games!”

Cody has been trying for ages to find a game here in Australia called ‘Shogi’ or ‘Japanese Chess’!

As it is made from a special Japanese wood he can’t purchase it from overseas!

So, he decided to make one! He got online and got the measurements and dimensions for the board and pieces, then with Jayden’s help he made it to scale on paper!

He then took his measurements up to Mitre 10 and had the board and pieces cut!  They then cut the pieces to the shape they needed to be, sanded them all,painted the markings on them and sealed it all for protection!

Jayden had a good lesson in Maths measurement and a bit of Woodwork thrown in!  He really enjoyed doing this project with Cody and making their board! Now Cody is “teaching” him how to play!!!!


5 thoughts on ““Brotherly Games!”

  1. Kerri, love catching up with you through your blog, the boys will certainly reap the rewards of their efforts with the game board. Well done

  2. Havn’t been to your blog before Kerri. Glad Heather gave me the motivation to go find it. It will go in my blog list now. Not that I get to blog hop much. Love the work Cody and Jayden have spent on the game. So educational.
    Kerri G.

  3. Kerri you must be so thrilled. Gosh just imagine how talented Jayden is as there are not many boys his age who could be bothered. More power to him. Now I wonder where he gets his talent from hmmm I wonder if the name starts with K and ends with erri? Get the message? love Dee xxooxx P.S. If you ever get the chance to come west you have somewhere to stay. love Dee xxooxx

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