“A Good Book!”

I haven’t done a lot of reading lately!  I know I should read more; I always encourage the boys and they read heaps!

As I changed power companies and I could choose a  voucher to spend where I liked! Cody helped me decide on a Dymocks one as I never buy books!  You don’t get much for free these days, and no it did not influence me in changing as I didn’t even realise they were giving me this!! lol!

I love Jane Austin, yes I think I am a bit of a romantic and love the ‘happy ending’! I just love ‘Mr Darcy!”

I couldn’t work out what I wanted and it was nice knowing I didn’t have to pay for it!

Cody enjoyed browsing the books to and he ended up with a couple also!  This is a collection of her novels! It  has 6 which will keep me going for a while I think!  It is hard bound which drew me to it also on the shelf!  I love bound books, they look strong and sturdy!

Now hopefully tmorrow I am going to start my ‘journey’ through my book!!! TFL 🙂


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