“IRL!” – (In real life!)

It is so nice when you chat on-line to someone and you finally get to meet them IRL!

Amy Boreham and I have regularly chatted on Home and Scraped and didn’t realise we didn’t live to far from one another!  She is in Geelong just down the road!

So as Cody wanted to go and pick his game up today I thought i would arrange a coffee and chat with Amy!  We met in Market square and Cody amused himself for a while and we had a lovely coffee and chat for about an hr!

Amy had her little boy with her and he was a bit restless and she had her other son to pick up from school! It was nice and will do it again soon!  Cody and I had a lovely lunch together and I spent a Dymocks Voucher I had!

Not the greatest pics of me as I got a bit wet and the hair went flat as! lol!

That Chicken Crepe was the best!!!!


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